By: Thomas Law Group On: July 18, 2019 In: TLG News Comments: 0

The majority of commercial leases contain a provision that prohibits a tenant from vacating or abandoning the leased premises at any time during the term of the lease. If the tenant does vacate or abandon the leased premises prior to the termination date, even if the rent is being paid in full, then the tenant can be considered in default of the lease. This would allow the landlord to take various actions against the tenant, including locking a tenant out of the leased space (even if some property is still in the space), terminating the lease and demanding that all future rent be paid, and/or suing the tenant.

Understanding the terms of any lease and how those terms impact a tenant’s ability to vacate the space are crucial when evaluating whether to relocate and its impact and cost. The attorneys at Thomas Law Group can help a client understand these lease provision before entering into a lease or helping with negotiating an exist form a lease. Please contact us for assistance.