By: Thomas Law Group On: October 24, 2019 In: Health Care Professionals Comments: 0

Don’t panic! Many dental practitioners are under the impression that they must stop what they are doing and meet with an investigator that shows up at the practice unannounced.  While certainly the dental board would like you to accommodate their unexpected arrival, it is not expected or required!  You are not put at a disadvantage in the eyes of the Board if you do not meet with the investigator when he/she shows up.  You are absolutely allowed to request that the investigator schedule a time to meet with you at a later date and that your legal counsel be present.

Did the investigator give you a subpoena too?  Again, no cause for alarm!  While responding to a subpoena issued by the Dental Board should not be taken lightly, an immediate response is not required.  The subpoena will give you time to gather the documents and information requested.

Be sure that your staff is aware that the surprise visit from an investigator is not an emergency situation and can be dealt with at a later scheduled time.  The appropriate response to an investigator should be that the dentist will be happy to schedule a time to meet with the investigator when the dentist’s attorney can be present.

If you are concerned about an unexpected visit from the Dental Board (or other licensing authority), contact the attorneys at Thomas Law Group to discuss your rights and the best response.