By: Thomas Law Group On: January 22, 2021 In: Domestic Relations Comments: 0

The global Coronavirus pandemic has changed just about every facet of our lives and that is also true of married couples who no longer want to be married. The pandemic has placed stress on all households and often that additional stress causes married couples to realize that they can no longer be together. Many couples in that situation have concerns about the practical elements of separating during a pandemic. All separation issues, during a pandemic or not, can be resolved in a variety of ways.

Now, more than ever, being agreeable in the divorce process helps married couples separate and transition to independent lives. Married couples that are agreeable enough to discuss how to co-parent children, divide finances, and discuss logistical issues can still work through all of those issues during the pandemic. It is also very much possible to use a collaborative approach to separating and to hire a team of professionals (lawyers, counselors, financial advisors) to help couples through this process. The advantage of this is that couples can work to resolve their issues outside of the court system (which is always an advantage but even more so when Courts are less accessible). This process can even work remotely for all parties’ safety. Many Courts are conducting hearings remotely and in-person attendance at Court may not be required in some situations. If cooperation with a spouse is just not possible, individuals are still able to file for divorce and have access to the Court system and divorce process.

Just like everything else, legally ending a marriage during COVID works differently than it did pre-COVID, but it still works and it is possible to move forward. The attorneys at Thomas Law Group can assist and help guide you whether the termination of your marriage is amicable or not.