By: Thomas Law Group On: November 15, 2016 In: General Law Comments: 0

While it’s not very often that people fake being a medical doctor, like the teenager in Florida earlier this year, we recommend that every time you hire a professional you should take a minute to verify the status of the prospective hire’s professional license(s).

This is an easy task to accomplish, but it is often overlooked. Failure to confirm that the prospective hire is validly licensed may cause the hiring party to hire someone whose license has been suspended or revoked or worse, perhaps they never had the required license at all. I have heard incredible stories of persons being hired to perform professional services that require state licensure only to learn that the trusting employer had actually hired someone who never earned the required license nor completed the required educational training. Such an imposter may be able to pull this off longer than you might think. This may be particularly disturbing in the health care arena where the risk to the patients being treated is significant. A long suspension or disciplinary action, which would be noted on a record, might give you pause when you are about to hire a new professional.

When a client comes to us with a potential new hire, whether a dentist or an engineer, we perform due diligence searches on the potential employee to confirm licenses, and suggest that our client’s take the same precautions. The potential liability exposure of the employer hiring the unlicensed person can be severe.

Please see the below links to confirm Ohio licensure for dentists, physicians and veterinarians. In addition to the state professional licensure, there are other licenses that may be required such as DEA and State Pharmaceutical licenses. In any case, an ounce of prevention is certainly better than the cure.


Physician and Veterinary (at least for now):