By: Thomas Law Group On: March 22, 2017 In: TLG News Comments: 0

In 1987, our founder, Terry Thomas, having practiced with a small law firm in Dublin for the previous two years, started Thomas Law Group. With a rented second story space, one computer with a whopping memory of 20 megabytes, and one young, inexperienced assistant, Thomas Law Group was born.

Over the next few years, more equipment was purchased, more people were hired, and the business flourished. We are happy to say that now, 30 years later, Thomas Law Group has grown to six full and part-time attorneys, three experienced paralegals, and we are located in a beautiful building on Blazer Parkway. We continue to provide what we believe is some of the best legal services that you can find. While Terry Thomas is not very active in the firm any more, since he has earned the right at age 70 to spend less time in the office, we do still see him puttering around from time to time making sure that his “baby” is still doing well. That “baby” has grown into a 30 year old and the attorneys here at Thomas Law Group are doing a terrific job carrying on the tradition of commitment and excellence.

We want to thank you, our loyal clients, and particularly the Dublin community, for the confidence that you have had in Thomas Law Group over the years and for your continued patronage. We continue to promise that we will work diligently and professionally to address your legal needs. Thank you so much for allowing us to grow to where we are today. We look forward to continued growth with a focus on service to you, the Dublin community, in the future.