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March 2018

New Year Planning Tips

The beginning of the year is a logical time review the prior year and to take stock and reaffirm or address major changes in your personal and business life through legal documentation and planning.

Dust off those old estate planning documents, life insurance and retirement account beneficiary designations, and powers of attorney, to name a few, and review them to ensure that they still meet with your wishes. Here are a few more reminders to review:

Own your own business? Companies speak through their legal books and records, and so keeping company minutes (at least annually) will allow a company to document the history of major events and decisions of the year. It is prudent to prepare annual minutes to document and memorialize the major events of your business from last year. Did you hire new employees?  Purchase new equipment?  Enter into a lease? Obtain financing? These are all events that should be included in annual minutes. Properly documenting company activities during the year, or at the beginning of the year for the prior year, allows you to later defend and explain company action without having to rely on memory. Among many other uses, company minutes are used in defense of audit, defense of litigation, business valuation, and as evidence of financial and managerial stability to third parties, such as purchasers and lenders.

Any major event in your personal life? The chaos (whether welcomed or just stressful) surrounding major life events sometimes causes us to forget about updating various documents (wills, life insurance beneficiaries, financial account beneficiaries). Meeting with your legal advisor is a great way to check in on some of these items and dust them off to make sure that they aren’t forgotten about.

Don’t wait until a problem arises to address life changes. Call the attorneys at Thomas Law Group to discuss any major changes that happened last year, or will happen this year, and how they will impact your personal or professional life.

Protecting Your Company with Cross Checks and Policies

Most, if not all, business owners would like to spend less time on the administrative tasks of their company and instead concentrate on the actual work. One common way to reduce the amount of administrative time spent by an owner is to hire an office manager or other staff to take over these functions. Because this is such a widely accepted method for the owner to reduce their own administrative time, many owners don’t think twice about handing over control of administrative tasks to their employees.

However, every company, whether a professional practice or auto parts maker, should establish clear policies, cross checks, and procedures for all of its administrative or business tasks, including but not limited to, opening the mail, office e-mail, bill pay, username/password security and storage, expense reimbursement, etc. The goal is to protect the company, its confidential information, and finances by ensuring that more than one person has control or knowledge of all the business/administrative tasks and keeping all staff accountable for their actions. By utilizing such policies, an owner can not only prevent fraud or embezzlement, but also ensure that the company will continue to function if the main person that handled these vital administrative tasks suddenly no longer works for the company.

The attorneys at Thomas Law Group can advise you on all of your business needs or connect you to other important advisors, such as accountants, HR managers, or IT consultants. The right team behind you can assist in making sure that your business and your policies are set up to lead to your company’s success.

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